During Easter week of 2004, Erik and I decided to take our children on vacation to Cancun, Mexico. We had planned to do something for the Lord as an offering for the many blessings that we had received. We wanted to travel to the town of Valladolid and find a couple of churches along the way where we could drop off the movies and televisions. While the children played in the pool, Erik got in a taxi and went all around Cancun trying to find two small televisions with built-in VCRs. As it turned out, God wanted us to buy two larger televisions because the smaller televisions were not to be found. So, we all got in the taxi, armed with four movies of the movie JESUS and drove off into the Mexico jungle. Read more

Erik and Elizabeth Groves and Family

From Right to Left.  Our daughter Stacy and her husband Aaron, Elizabeth, Erik, (Bear), our daughter Helena, our son Chris and his wife Maria.

Gamaliel and Zuri Gonzalez and Family

Gamaliel and Zuri Gonzalez along with son Nicolas and daughter Sofia.


Part of The Message for Mayans' team



Aug 2013 Trip Announcement

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